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Data flexibility

Data flexibility

Need more data this month? Add it right from the app for just $5/GB. Need less? Go back down next month. Right from your phone.

Data Usage

Get usage at a glance

Device notifications tell you how much data you've used, while the Republic app shows you where you're using it the most.

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Don't need data? Get unlimited talk and text for just $15/month.

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What happens when I reach my data limit?

The Republic app will help you stay on top of your cell data usage. You can always see how much data you’re using, and easily add 1GB of data at a time for just $5 through the app.

How much does domestic voice roaming cost? International?

With Republic, you can roam domestically for free. Although we don’t offer cellular service internationally at this time, your Republic Wireless phone can place calls over WiFi from anywhere in the world to the U.S. You can also make and receive calls to and from Canadian telephone numbers without incurring international roaming or long distance charges.

When do I pay my bill every month?

Payments are made on your bill cycle date, which is determined by the date you activate your first line of service on your account. You can look up your bill cycle date in the My Account portal or in the Republic Wireless App.

Do you charge any additional fees?

Nope! There are NEVER any additional fees or overages with Republic. The plan you choose along with taxes and surcharges are all you’ll pay with Republic.

Does Republic have family plans?

No need to share data here. Our plans are so affordable, everyone in the family can have their own talk & text and data plans - all managed under one account - and still less expensive than most family plans available. Plus each family member is able to upgrade their phone when they’re ready.

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